Rabbit behind the scenes


Queuing in the background – getting started with RabbitMQ message broker

In PHP business logic is usually put right in action’s method or just behind it. Hence, every little piece of delaying and long-running code will be processed with a request. The problem is almost undetectable if a user sends an e-mail but with more complex actions it may take a little bit longer than preferred.
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CakePHP with Symfony’s2 router


A couple of months ago I have started my adventure with CakePhp and as every Symfony’s developer I thought that any other framework except Symfony is a piece of crap. Day by day and step by step I began to realize that’s not so bad as it seemed to be in the beginning. Well, the second version of CakePhp still has a lot old-fashioned patterns, singletons or lack of tests, but I can live with that. I saw a lot of better or worse frameworks in my life. However, one module remains a bitter aftertaste – the router.
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Query manipulation with open-close principle


Just a week ago I sat down in front of my computer and decided to try to create a common solution for injecting easy pagination. It’s an ordinary problem and I wouldn’t waste my time for doing it every time when I need to display more than 10 or 50 elements on the screen. So, as usually I started with installing Symfony2 and KnpPaginatorBundle, but after a couple of minutes I realized that the implementation can be more general than I assumed at the beginning. I could use the same design also for filtering or manipulating queries… Continue reading

Tremendously fast Magento

varnishMagento is one of the most popular PHP free e-commerce engines available on the market. It’s designed to handle and manage almost all of the common issues and features purposed for online shops, and just because of that the Magento became a really huge, heavy and slow tool.

Of course, its authors decided to create a custom cache system inside the framework, but it’s not as fast as it supposed to be. In our last project, an online shop viners.co.uk (developed in cooperation with chilid) the application could only handle several requests per second at the beginning, which is not a satisfying result when you know more details about expected website traffic- a few hundred users at once.

Based on our previous experience we decided to use Varnish as a main cashing system. We chose it because the lion’s share of the website consists of a static content, well… almost everything except for user’s basket, checkout, accounts and products availability.

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Symfony2 Bootstrap CRUD bundle – 10% time in action

In XSolve each developer has 10% of his working time to create special projects and bring some innovative ideas into life. Most often we use that time to prepare open source bundles and you can find some of them at http://knpbundles.com/organization/xsolve-pl/profile . Please feel free to use them!

In this article I would like to present our brand new creation – Symfony2 Boostrap CRUD bundle and make it easy for you to implement it in your next assignment.
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#phpconpl 2013!

Za nami czwarta już edycja PHPCon Poland – na konferencję zespół XSolve przybył tłumnie, warto więc podsumować to wydarzenie krótkim komentarzem.

Zacznijmy od kwestii związanych z logistyką i koordynacją eventu. Biorąc pod uwagę lokalizację naszej siedziby, miejsce konferencji – Szczyrk – jest dla nas rozwiązaniem komfortowym (choć zdajemy sobie sprawę, że nie dla wszystkich jest to tak samo wygodne) i cieszy nas wiadomość, że w przyszłym roku spotykamy się w tym samym miejscu.
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