Tremendously fast Magento

varnishMagento is one of the most popular PHP free e-commerce engines available on the market. It’s designed to handle and manage almost all of the common issues and features purposed for online shops, and just because of that the Magento became a really huge, heavy and slow tool.

Of course, its authors decided to create a custom cache system inside the framework, but it’s not as fast as it supposed to be. In our last project, an online shop (developed in cooperation with chilid) the application could only handle several requests per second at the beginning, which is not a satisfying result when you know more details about expected website traffic- a few hundred users at once.

Based on our previous experience we decided to use Varnish as a main cashing system. We chose it because the lion’s share of the website consists of a static content, well… almost everything except for user’s basket, checkout, accounts and products availability.

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