(English) xsolve-google-auth-bundle

Few days ago we released a first edition of xsolve-google-auth-bundle (you can fin it on GitHub) which is connecting google authorization and authentication with FOSUserBundle.

After installation you can define where users can sign in with google account and, if they do not exist in your database when new accounts would be created. Bundle allows to open an application for all users or only from specific domain.

First draft showed up just 3 weeks ago and subjected to a rigorous code review. After that we have created new interfaces and spit structure into smaller pieces to make it SOLID. After all we tried to catch new medal in Sensio insight service. We achieved a Silver Medal and have only one thing to do before Platinium one which depends on external bundle.

Also, you can find us at KNP Bundles. We are waiting for your recommendation.

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