Livecoding the SlackMessenger


A couple of weeks ago I have discovered a new service – the It is a livestreaming platform where people code products, live. They connect people around the programming languages that they love. Streamers are a mix of professional engineers, students and hobby coders. So, I have decided to join the community and broadcast own live video or videos.

The idea for an application to code during the live streaming came really fast from every day live as a remote team member. We use a Slack as a main communication channel. When we do something awesome, finish tremendous project or achieve next goal in our path to be an unleashed developer, we share this at the Slack. And everybody high fives us. You feel appreciated and want to high five somebody else. Some say it’s a fivesstorm, but I call it the fivesnado.

The thing I’m curious is how many fives has been given during the week or the year. I won’t count it by hand – I’m the programmer. So, I need to write an application. Moreover, this app needs to have a bigger purpose than just counting words in selected channels. I have started to work on a single problem to catch a bigger view.

During first implementation I have faced a couple of problems and misunderstanding with Slack API and chose to fix that by creating a new repository which will map the Slack’s API arrays into proper objects and allows to create plugins to publish, analyze and collect messages from Slack. That’s how the idea for SlackMessenger was created.

During next week I’ll broadcast a live coding stream at and develop the bundle. Don’t worry if you miss any session – all videos will be available at my YouTube channel.

The project is supported by X-Team and the X-Labs.

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